Metahub Industries Sdn. Bhd., being a business entity which provides services in thecollection, transportation, treatment and recovery of industrial wastes, is committed; to bean organization that complies with applicable legal & other requirements relevant to ourproducts and services; prevent any kind of environmental pollution, injury or ill healthduring our operations; and to continually improve our services and work environment.

To achieve the above, we shall :
  • Maintain a clean and green operation by preventing air, water, land and noise pollutions.
  • Improve our services and work environment by adopting the Quality, Environmental,Safety & Health Management Systems.
  • Sustain our business by providing excellent services to our clients and exceeding their expectations.
  • Be a safe and healthy workplace by practicing good housekeeping and safe work practices.
The above Policy shall be served as framework to establish and review the Quality,Environmental, Safety & Health Objectives.